Al-Mustafa Foundation of Utah is a faith based educational organization. Our organization is committed to promoting the Love of Allah the Most Merciful and Kind (GOD) , our Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him and his family)  and love amongst all human beings. We strive to achieve our goal by educating others about the correct understanding of Islam.  This foundation was established in 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah to uphold this mission. Our hope is that this increase in knowledge of our beautiful faith will spiritually uplift our community at large and work towards a greater good. We are tireless in our efforts to feed the hungry and clothe the poor by organizing food drives and refugee/homeless projects. We help those seeking spiritual healing and enlightenment. Our faith based outreach serves people of all races, creeds, and religions. We do not discriminate. We merely support our fellow man, and hope to serve as a guiding light.